War Cross Martial Arts (War Cross MA or W.C.M.A.) is a Christ centered art that offers a new perspective in personalized training development and martial arts instruction yet is also very traditional. Philosophies and culture are examined from their native culture but understood through a Christian perspective.
W.C.M.A. is a modern in-depth study and training method developed by Ron Brookshire Jr. that promotes full development of an individual. Study involves traditional kata (training patterns) and hojo undo (training equipment to strengthen and develop specific skills) used with clear concise concepts and proven theories to promote, develop, and instill... proper manners/etiquette, morals, reality, confidence, respect, honor, and protective skill.
W.C.M.A. involves all aspects of the martial arts (awareness, avoidance, movement, distance control, timing control, positioning, kicking, punching, throwing, grappling, joint locks, breaks, weapons study, and body training) in a personal protective method that is easy to learn, enjoyable, safe, and reliable… yet is devised to develop the total person: body, mind, and spirit.
W.C.M.A. is based in well over 20 years of continual and consistent training, indepth study, and research. What is taught can be trusted to work and develops the practitioner on multiple levels. It is not directed at long term teaching methods but at personal skill development toward actual proficiency in protection and ability.
W.C.M.A. is based in Okinawan Kara Te (empty hand training) and Kobu Do (weapons training), with aspects from Kali Silat (Arnis), Muay Thai, Wing Chun, White Crane,  Feeding Crane, Brazilian Juijitsu, Judo, Aikido/Aikijutsu, Kendo-Iaido-Kenjutsu, TaeKwonDo, Kempo, Tai Chi, Paqua (Baqua), Tsing Yi (Hsing I), and others.
W.C.M.A.'s  Okinawan presentation is very complete in Shuridi, Tomaridi, and Nafadi methods. (the three independent methods developed in Okinawa which are the basis for all modern karate).

W.C.M.A.'s  weapon methods are also very specific and complete to the development of one’s body and skill and follow several Family methods. All teaching methods are followed like stepping stones in a path that continues to refine and develop one's skill and abilities.

W.C.M.A. follows study in several arts which Sensei Ron is fortunate to continue active study within:

  • In Kodokan Go Ju Ryu and Matayoshi Kobudo... under Sensei Kimo Wall.
  • In Feeding Crane Kung Fu... under Shifu Chang I Liu who is from Tiawan and who's family art originated in Fuchou China (the birthplace of Okinawan kara te).
  • In Ryu Te Ren Mei and Oyata Shin Shu Ho Ryu... under Tashi Jim Logue.

W.C.M.A. has mental, physical, and psychological aspects of study that will require dedicated study and hard work… Study is self-paced  with many skills requiring precise study. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but the rewards are many and the journey can be quite fun.